About Us

We are a family business that for years has specialized in transporting individual cargo from A to B.
We try to keep the price transparent for our customers. Therefore, they always receive from us the final price, which already includes the VAT.
Every transport is covered by a contract. Upon request, they can have their cargo insured by an external insurance company.


Invitations are a cheap alternative to single transports.
This means:
We collect cargo until we can drive the route.
Sometimes this is associated with a longer wait time.
But the advantages are obvious:
1. The environment thanks, because we only go fully booked.

2. Prices fall. We offer cheap transportation because we drive freight from several clients at the same time.

  Our goal is to set the standard for


Our success in recent years proves us right.
With us your cargo is in safe hands.
Quality has a name:

On the way to you

After commissioning you will receive a contract by email, which is valid after confirmation. Since we usually do not know the delivery date when ordering, we will inform you about this. 4-7 days before with. This will give you a 2-hour window. Phone alerts will get you delays. Their advantages are obvious: 1. You get a time, you do not have to wait the whole day for your freight.2. In the event of delays and congestion or other changes, we will inform you immediately.3. Emergency telephone number. You will receive a phone number under which you can reach us during the whole time.


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